Friday, April 27, 2007


Welcome to the Marketnews blog! For those who don't know me, my name is Christine Persaud, and I work for a Company called Bomar Publishing, which operates two technology magazines: Marketnews ( and here's how! ( I like to say we're a small group that does big things. It's definitely a fun industry to be in. We constantly have cool and fun products coming in and out of the office to try out, review, and introduce to the industry and consumers.

Playfully called "gadget girl" in the office, I'm a relatively rare breed of female that doesn't just enjoy using technology, but loves to learn about it and try out new, and sometimes complicated, devices. I review personal electronics for our consumer magazine here's how: MP3 players, cell phones, headphones, you name it. If it can be carried in your hand or shoved in your pocket, I've likely taken it out for a test ride! So I'm always get excited when a new gadget arrives in the office for our evaluation.

Right now, I have 5 really neat portable messaging devices in my possession, as I'm working on an article that asks "can anyone compete with the Blackberry?" Let me tell you, having played around with these nifty things for the past month or so, I can completely understand where the term "crackberry" comes from. I used to think it incredibly rude when talking to someone and they'd constantly be checking their e-mails under the table while nodding approvingly at what I was saying, as if they were actually listening. Now, the second I jump in my car to head to the office, the first thing I do is grab the smartphone out of my purse and start checking e-mails. Sure, I'm well aware that I'll be in the office within 20 minutes, but why wait when I can see what's going on now? We've evolved into a culture that simply can't wait for anything. I'm not sure how I'll be able to part with these 'phones once the evaluation period is over. But it might be a good thing to get back to normal life where I concentrate on driving instead of replying to notes and surfing the 'net!

Stay tuned for more on what's going on at Marketnews Mag, and the tech industry. We'll give you the scoop!

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