Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Buy Next to Support Blu-ray

According to Reuters, Best Buy U.S. has announced its support for the Blu-ray disc format. Oddly, however, the mammoth retailers hasn't abandoned HD DVD altogether. Best Buy says it will still offer HD DVD discs and hardware for customers who prefer that format; but will more prominently feature Blu-ray products. The changeover will happen next month.

Whether HD DVD products will still be on shelves or not, Best Buy has clearly made its decision to back Blu-ray in an effort to put an end to the dragging high-definition DVD format war.

Will consumers view this as Blu-ray being deemed the winner? Or will they remain unconvinced, waiting until all retailers, manufacturers, and studios decide to stock and create hardware and software in only one format before taking the plunge? It looks like we're inching closer and closer to an answer.

On the Canadian front, due to the time difference, I was unable to receive clarification in time from Best Buy Canada (and Future Shop) on whether stores north of the border will follow suit with the decision to support Blu-ray. Stay tuned for a follow-up post!

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