Friday, September 19, 2008

What Will They Think of Next: Electronic Sleep Aid

Why bother with sleeping pills, hot tea, or meditation to battle insomnia when you can use technology! A biomedical company called HBI USA has developed a wrist-worn device called the DreamKeeper 400 that helps you fall asleep.

The gadget uses the company's proprietary Breath Synchronization Program (BSP) and Parallelized ElectroStatic Field (PESF) technology to slow down your breathing, than "adjust the user's biological clock". Just slap the DreamKeeper 400 onto your wrist (touching a particular spot called acupoint 6) 30 minutes before heading to bed for a period of 3 weeks. The unit does not emit any sort of current nor tingling vibrations upon your skin.

At the end of this 3-week period, HBI says that you'll experience "prolonged sleep with improved quality".

While I'd love to try it out to confirm the effectiveness of this device, I fear it might cause me to miss work!

DreamKeeper 400 is available for US$149.99 and yes, it sells through consumer electronics outlets like Target and Amazon.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My wife works for a Naturopathic Doctor and this is the same as having a little chinese doctor give you acupuncture every night. Technically, very possible and would probably work really well.
I was surprised when the naturopath said she would "love to try it"