Monday, June 4, 2007

Best Buy Moves in on Mobile Phone Market

It's no surprise that Best Buy has a huge presence in the consumer electronics space. Now, the retailer is expanding its Mobile Store presence with plans to open 180 locations in 12 states. This, according to, includes both newly-developed in-store areas and standalone shops targeted specifically to the mobile phone market. No such plans have been announced for Canadian Best Buy locations, but is this just a matter of time? Something to think about…

How will the carrier storefronts, like Bell Mobility and Rogers Wireless, not to mention stores like The Telephone Booth, feel should these Best Buy Mobile stores start popping up in popular markets across Canada? It is one thing for cell phones and plans to be selling through Best Buy stores: but it’s a whole other story when the retailer is actively pushing them through a dedicated location.

I guess either way, the carrier wins. But you have to admit it would be amusing to drive down the street and see Best Buy labels on every store you pass: Best Buy CE shop, Best Buy Mobile, Best Buy Geek Squad. What’s next? Judging from the recent demise of Sam The Record Man’s iconic downtown Toronto store, I wouldn’t put my money on a CD shop!

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