Monday, June 11, 2007

Social Networking Continues to Grow

I’m revisiting the social networking topic, since it has been the subject of a lot of media buzz these days (with what room remains after extensive coverage of Paris Hilton’s latest order-to-and-subsequent-release-from-jail debacle). Last month, you might recall that I was debating whether or not to join a social networking Website. Despite my reluctance to do so, I eventually surrendered to the power of the ‘net. I subsequently received a lot of flak from many who thought it juvenile, “stupid”, and unnecessarily time consuming. But I persevered, nonetheless.

A month has passed, and about 90 per cent of my critics have now joined, albeit not without a push. When confronted, each grudgingly admitted to having caved in for various reasons: some claimed friends/family members were on their cases to join; while others simply said that eventually, their curiosity got the best of them.

Interestingly enough, these “converts” have become the best spokespeople in favour of social networking. Many have admitted that, although they have no interest in communicating with 98% of the people who attempt to contact them, the 2% of people they are glad they found make it all worth it. Interesting…

Even more interesting is the results of a recent poll by TNS Canadian Facts. The survey found that, although teens and young adults dominate the social networking world, the doors are slowly opening up for the 30+ crowd: and even those 50 and above. Six in 10 of those in their 30s have visited a social networking site; 45 per cent of those in their 40s, and one-third 50 and older.

And why not? From a personal perspective, social networking sites have become the easiest way to locate a long-lost friend or colleague. These sites are also a great way to enjoy a relationship with business contacts that goes beyond the suit and tie. And relationships are always a good thing, no matter how you build them.

Click Here for more results from the TNS survey:

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