Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rogers Gives You Karaoke on Demand, Sales of Ear Plugs Projected to Rise

Now I've seen it all. Rogers Cable is offering a Karaoke on Demand service to all PersonalTV customers that have a digital set-top box in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Wanna-be crooners and the tone-def-in-denial can choose from 600 tunes, available at channel 100, then sing to their heart's desire.

All jokes aside, this is a great idea for parties, contestants auditioning for reality TV singing competitions like Canadian Idol (why not practice at home?), or those days home alone when you get an inkling to grab the hairbush and belt out a tune. What, no one else does that?

Rogers says that new songs, ranging from current pop hits, to oldies, country, hip hop, and classic rock, will be added monthly.
As if this announcement in itself doesn't already have people cringing at the hours of torture they may soon have to endure by partners doing their best Shania or Mariah impersonation, or teens and friends flooding the living room with screeching vocals, Rogers is adding fuel to the fire. The first 500 new customers to order a digital cable box and sign-up at will receive a karaoke microphone. The hairbrush can return to its rightful position in the bathroom.

Retailers: get your ear plugs out. I've got a strange feeling you'll see a spike in sales verrry soon.

[Photo: If you're anxious to know what tunes are available, the Rogers Website shows a comprehensive list, including such popular karaoke hits as Achy Breaky Heart, Life is a Highway, and Respect.]

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