Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tim Hortons Stores Now in Wal-Mart

We’ve seen some really powerful business partnerships form between Canadian companies, but imagine the “world’s biggest” retailer offering Canada’s signature coffee brand? This idea has now become a reality, as Wal-Mart will soon be incorporating Tim Hortons stores into all of its Supercentres across Canada. Lethbridge and Edmonton, AB and Brockville, ON will see the first outlets erected.

This brings the concept of Wal-Mart being a “one-stop shop” to a whole new level: now I don’t even have to swing through a drive-thru after shopping to grab my coffee – I can grab it on the way out the door!

“We’re in the business of helping Wal-Mart customers check as many items as possible off their shopping lists,” said Ross Thompson, Director of Licensee Operations for Wal-Mart Canada Corp. “You don’t have to look too far down Canadian to-do lists to find ‘a stop at Tim Hortons’. We pride ourselves on having the brands our customers want on our shelves and under one roof; and we’re adding a true icon.”

Does this mean U.S. Wal-Mart stores will follow suit and add Starbucks stores-within-stores?

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Marta said...

I think this is a GREAT idea, however I do have a suggestion for Wal-Mart. Cup holders in the shopping carts. you might laugh but have you ever tried to push your cart and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time. Is really not that easy.