Friday, October 19, 2007

Armani Goes High-Tech

Back in May, I wrote an entry here about the colliding worlds of fashion and technology. Not only are products getting sexier looking, but CE manufacturers are now commissioning experts in fashion and aesthetics in order to advise them on the creation of more appealing designs. Meridian worked with Ferrari on its high-end, $3,000 F80 tabletop radio. LG Electronics worked with world-renowned fashion designer Prada for its KE850 phone. And Bang & Olufsen has relied on designer David Lewis since the 1960s to create the majority of the modern and funky products for which the company prides itself. Now, leading fashion designer Giorgio Armani is joining the foray by helping Samsung design a line of luxury portable and home CE products.

According to a press release, the products will be sold through Armani's direct-controlled retail network and "upscale consumer electronics stores" in major European countries as of November, with plans to expand distribution to other markets in 2008 (I doubt this will include Canada, but you never know!)

The first product to be introduced is, not surprisingly, a mobile phone. Since your phone is the one tech item that's always with you, it makes sense for it to be the most fashionable! The Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile, unveiled during Milan Fashion Week at the Armani/Teatro on September 24, is, of course, super-thin (10.5 mm, to be exact). A luxury LCD TV will debut in January 2008.

This just reinforces the fact that design is not only paramount in technology, but creating a luxury CE item has become an artform unto itself. Which designer is next to jump onto the tech fashion bandwagon?

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