Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the No. 1 Invention of the Year is...

Time magazine has deemed Apple's iconic iPhone the "invention of the year". If this doesn't indicate the importance of design, functionality, and, most important, consumer attention, in creating products and services that will "make a difference," I don't know what does!

Some may not agree with this decision, however, especially since so many other influential inventions have come forth in 2007: products and technologies that help combat environmental damage, help prevent injuries or harm from natural disasters, and even advances in medical science. There have even been tons of technological innovations for the physically disabled, like more advanced electronic prosthetics for amputees, and even high-tech wheelchairs that help make life easier for their owners.

According to the Globe & Mail, the reason the iPhone was chosen was, not surprising, because of its look, functionality, and features. "The features themselves may not be groundbreaking," reads the article, "but the way in which Apple presents them is." I can't disagree with that: Apple certainly knows how to market products, and get people excited about them which, after all, is what technology should be about.

As for Time's list, I get the impression it's meant to be taking light-heartedly anyway: last year's top invention was online video sensation YouTube.

I look forward to reading the entire list, which is scheduled to appear in this Friday's issue.

What product/technology would you deem the top invention of 2007?

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