Friday, November 16, 2007

High-Tech Rubik's Cube Brings Us Back to the '80s

Remember the Rubik's Cube from the '80s? That multi-coloured, checkered cube that could provide countless hours of fun that quickly turned into determined frustration? Well, a company called Techno Source has now developed a high-tech version of the cube, and I just couldn't resist reporting on it.

Called the Rubik's Revolution, the toy employs the same general design as its predecessor, except that each row does not physically turn so the game-player can match the coloured squares. Instead, the cube has six electronic puzzle games built-in, accompanied by sound, light, and voice effects.

Light Speed requires that you turn off the illuminated lights on each, tiny square as quickly as possible; while Pattern Panic asks that you memorize a growing sequence of patterns, then repeat them by pressing the squares with your finger. Da Vinci Code fans will appreciate Code Cracker (self-explanatory); while players can light up each full side as quickly as they can to compete in Rapid Recharge. Cube Catcher takes things one step further with a race against the clock to find squares that are lit up. A multi-player game is also available, whereby players can pass the toy like a hot potato and challenge one another to defeat the mighty cube.

"It is about speed. It is about smarts. It is a challenge worthy of the Rubik's name," said Executive Vice President Eric Levin.

You'll be pleased to know that Professor Rubik has approved of the new design, which is available in both English and French for $20. A sample game can be found at (The Canadian distributor for the product).

For those who were never able to conquer the original Rubik's without resorting to cheating by peeling off and switching around the coloured stickers on each square, this technology-inspired version might just bring back some self-confidence in your puzzle-solving skills!

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