Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CES 2008: Canada Night a Success

With all the meetings and demonstrations, it's nice to have a night of fun and (hopefully) relaxation. Canada Night 2008, our gathering of Canada industry members (and their U.S. and international counterparts) was a great success last night. I must admit: with Vegas looking oddly quiet this year, I was expecting Canada Night attendance to be down. But judging from the packed Caesar's Palace ballroom and outer hall area, that certainly wasn't the case.

It is always great to see everyone from the Canadian industry get together for some food, fun, and entertainment. Many expressed their enjoyment of the band this year, as well as the atmosphere. It was packed, but not such that one was literally rubbing shoulders with another person at all times.

We enjoy seeing the faces of loyal attendees each year, but it's also nice to meet new faces that are coming to the event for the first time. This year, attendees included retailers, manufacturers and distributors in every area of technology, from home A/V to mobile phones.

Gatherings like Canada Night remind us just how small and tight-knit the Canadian consumer electronics industry is. Old friends and colleagues re-unite, competitors shake hands, and new business partnerships are made.
Thanks to all of our sponsors and everyone who came out for another great event. Canada Night simply wouldn't be what it is without you.

On that note, I'm sure many are anxious to see photos of the event, which we'll post online at later in the month.

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