Monday, March 17, 2008

Are Facebook's 15-Minutes Up?

A U.K. study claims that social networking Website Facebook's 15-minutes of fame might be up because there has been a decline in user numbers there. Fortunately for Facebook, there are plenty of users in other areas (especially Canada, and, according to a recent study, mainly Toronto!) Also fortunate for the site, it appears that what was formerly known as 15-minutes of fame seems to be extending far beyond that today: so-called reality TV "stars" are a perfect indication of that.

As a member of the Facebook online community, I can admit that the site's appeal has somewhat run dry. As with anything, the initial excitement has faded into the "regular"; and the site has become just another part of the daily or weekly routine. However, this doesn't mean that Facebook has lost its purpose; nor its appeal. It's still a great way to send mass messages to people; upload and share photos (as I've said before, it's one of the easiest photo sharing sites I've seen); share similar interests, like movies and books; buy/sell items locally; keep in touch with old and out-of-town friends; and collaborate in special "groups". In fact, our magazines have a dedicated Facebook group called Marketnews & here's how! magazines - All About Tech where we include headlines from this very blog, along with other information, like monthly contests, new videos, and so forth (any member can join!)

So although it appears that the honeymoon is over, it still remains to be seen whether Facebook can live happily ever after, or will end up in divorce as the "next big thing" takes over. I believe that as long as the site maintains its easy usability and interface, and doesn't fall victim to overdoing it with useless applications and annoying new "features", it'll be around for a long time to come.

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