Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rock Band Motley Crue Releases Single Through Rock Band, The Game

Video game makers everywhere just carved another notch in their belts. Popular rock band Motley Crue announced that it would use the video game Rock Band as the launchpad for its new single, marking the first time that a song has been released through a video game.

Rock Band consists of a "mock" guitar and drum set, along with a microphone. Players can simulate actually playing in a rock band by hitting buttons or the coloured drums in time with musical bars that slide down the screen. As you strike the notes correctly, the tune continues to play. If too many notes are missed, you'll get boo'ed off stage! (If you've never seen Rock Band in action, just search for it on YouTube.com and you're bound to find hundreds upon hundreds of user-generated videos of kids and adults playing the game). Rock Band comes with a number of tunes pre-loaded, but game players can log into online accounts using the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and download additional songs. Motley Crue's new single Saints of Los Angeles will be one of those options, which means that customers can learn to "play" the song while they're hearing it for the first time.

This is yet another way that the music industry is fighting to remain profitable in the ever-changing distribution landscape. If the kids won't buy CDs and are trying to download music for free, how else can you get their attention? In this case, the answer is through a means that we already know they actively engage in: video games!

When you think about it, it's sort of sad that someone will frown upon paying $0.99 to download a song through a legitimate Website, yet they'll purchase that same song to play on Rock Band without breaking a sweat. Is there something wrong with this? Probably not. It's just the way the industry is going. People want to do more with their music simply because they can, whether it be to transfer it to other devices, stream it through the PC, or yes, simulate actually playing it through a fun video game. Ahh, technology.

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