Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Will They Think of Next?: Dating Site, Stupid People Need Not Apply

A new online dating Website is bringing new meaning to the word discrimination. The site will only permit access to "intelligent" people. In order to join, you must first pass an iQ test and make it into the top 15% of the population!

"Intelligent people usually want a partner who is also intelligent," said Trine Jensen, founder of the Website, which is located at, not surprisingly, "At general dating sites, you have to spend time and energy, sorting profiles to find the ones that match that criterion. At we already made that sorting for you."

Perhaps this company didn't realize that tests like that are likely easy to bypass, especially considering that this version reportedly consists of a series of black & white images. The press release notes that those who are eager to be members can only take the test once. But how does the company determine this? Via IP address? User name or e-mail? As if tens of thousands of people don't have more than one e-mail address to use! Nevertheless, I'm sure there will be an initial flurry of sign-ups from Type-A folks just looking for reassurance that they are indeed smart.

As for the intelligence-challenged folks out there, don't worry. I'm sure someone, somewhere will come up with a similar site where stupid people can meet.

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Anonymous said...

Such a ridiculous notion! Although intelligence can be an attractive trait in a partner, it is not necessarily the only trait a person looks for when searching for a mate. It would not be an INTELLIGENT move on those who apply for this dating service to narrow there searches by intelligence. That is not SMART at all!

Anonymous said...

Thin out the herd.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am currently dating a very smart gal. That is not the only reason to date someone though. She happens to be attractive, has a good career and also knows her way around the kitchen(not that it matters, but its a sure bonus).
Although dating someone intelligent is great, if thats what you are looking for first then this may be the site for you. The next time youre at your local pick up joint you can nudge your friends about the great intelligence the girl across the bar has!

Anonymous said...

An intelligent woman's place is in the kitchen.

Marketnews - Christine Persaud said...

Hi Anonymous (#4)

Thanks for the insightful comment. Considering you've just finished reading a blog entry written by a woman (who is obviously not working from a kitchen), I'd beg to differ on your stance, and dispute the fact that you feel that way as well.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Actually, his comment has some factual basis. As household income (which is positively correlated with IQ) rises, women are less likely to work. The income levels in which women are the most likely to work are the lowest (and thus least intelligent).

This is obviously not the hard and fast rule however.

Marketnews - Christine Persaud said...

Ho Anonymous,

Stating that a woman's "place" is in the kitchen isn't the same as what you've just noted. Also, I wouldn't be so sure that income level always equates to intelligence level (iQ-wise)...there are other reasons a person might take a lower-level job; kids, education, more personal time, medical illness, etc.