Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone in Canada This Week - UPDATE!

Will the highly-anticipated iPhone be available in Canada this week? Many are confident that it will be. Although there hasn't been an official announcement from either side, Steve Jobs is gearing up for Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference today in California, and the rumour mill is buzzing that he'll be launching the next-generation iPhone there. So while consumers around the world are salivating over a new iPhone, us Canucks are tapping our fingers while we patiently wait for the new one, which will actually be our first (to be available legally, at least).

Last month, Rogers Wireless confirmed that it would be bringing the iPhone to Canada "later this year", but did not confirm an exact date. With the impending launch of the next-generation device, which will operate on the faster 3G network (the existing device operates on 2.5G), Canada might finally be ready for take-off.

But more important than the rumoured new features, which include things like tactile feedback and support for a variety of third-party applications, is price plans. Will a new, and more affordable, data plan be offered for iPhone customers? Or will we be plagued with the same hefty data fees that Canadians arguably endure now with other smartphones, like the BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices? What's more, will there be an uproar from other smartphone makers if the iPhone is given more favourable pricing options?

Rogers was not available for comment, but stay tuned for more information on the iPhone in Canada as it becomes available.

Update: OK, So I was wrong: the iPhone is coming next month, not this week. But many of the anticipated new features have been confirmed, including 3G operation which will afford faster load times and surfing capability.

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