Friday, June 13, 2008

Three Weeks With Wii Fit

I'm now on my third week with Wii Fit, and I have to admit: although I haven't actually lost any weight, I'm having loads of fun!

The lack of fitness-related achievement is mainly my fault: I have only been engaging with the game, on average, once every four days. Certainly that isn't fitting for any workout regime. Despite how fun the game is, you still need to motivate yourself to "play" it just as you would have to push yourself to go to the local gym, use that treadmill that's collecting dust in the basement, or go for a run or bike ride through the neighbourhood. Just because it's sitting in the middle of your living room doesn't make it any easier to find the time to use it!

What makes things even tougher is that it's much easier to gravitate toward the fun, game-like activities instead of the yoga and strength training moves that are the core of the fitness aspect of the game. I'll hula hoop until the cows come home, I've become an expert tightrope walker and ski jumper, and I can step-dance like nobody's business. But I still can't do a push-up to save my life. There are some yoga and strength training moves that I haven't so much as given a second glance to since the first time I played. Tsk, tsk. If you're playing, make sure not to get caught up in the neat stuff, and get down to business every once in a while if you want to reach set BMI goals.

In terms of the fun games, though, my 30-minute and one-hour sessions have unlocked some neat, new activities and moves. In one game, you're outfitted in a penguin suit and slide back and forth on an inceberg while trying to catch flying fish. In a new yoga pose, you squat like a chair and hold the post for 40 seconds, which is great for toning the legs and abs. The most fun, however, is snowboarding: take the Balance Board, and sit it sideways in front of your TV. Then, simulate snowboarding down a huge hill and through coloured posts by moving your body back and forth. I can't wait to see what remaining games and left to unlock, although I fear that, once I've opened up every available game, I'll miss not having anything new to look forward to.

My verdict so far? With some discipline and selection of the right activities, Wii Fit can help you get in shape. As with anything, there are other factors that come into play in order to achieve your goals: eating right and sleeping enough, for instance (my last Wii Fit tip told me I should always get at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night). If you do your workouts alone, don't worry: the virtual talking balance board that greets you upon start up sure does lay the guilt on thick: Too busy to work out yesterday Christine, eh? it asked me last night. Wait a second: did we get a special Canadian version of the game?

My immediate goals: 1) ramp up play time. 2) spend less time skiing and hula'ing and more time yoga posing and strength training. Hopefully I'll be able to report some favourable numbers next time. Stay tuned.

Wii Week One

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Marta said...

Reading this and hearing how much fun you are having only frustrates me more that I can't get my hands on the game. Do you think it is so hard to obtain people will eventually give up and move on to a different game?