Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone is Here, Hundreds Line up, Now Can We Get on With Life?

It seems like all we've been hearing about for the past few weeks is iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. The device has finally made its way to Canadian stores today. In Toronto, hundreds lined up outside the Dundas St. store on the corner of Yonge & Dundas in the pouring rain just to have the chance to fork out at least $200 for the device, plus $30/mo. in data (in addition to the price of a voice plan) for the next three years. (see related story) Is it all worth it?

Whether the iPhone is a fantastic phone or not, why wait in line for hours upon hours (some were even waiting since last night!) to give someone your money for anything much less a phone? Of course, as with anything, it's mostly for the prestige and honour of being one of the first to own it. Keep in mind, people, that your 15-minutes dies out pretty quick.

Either way, it would have been a shame not to see all the hoopla. I strolled down to Yonge & Dundas this morning not really knowing what to expect. I was pretty confident there'd be a long line, but a small part of me was dreading a ghost town, especially in light of the severe consumer backlash against the data pricing for the phone, and the 3-year term requirement. Part of me even thought I might see protesters outside! But alas, there were plenty of happy faces, not an ounce of negativity, and tons of red shopping bags leaving the store. Sadly for many, there were likely more people in line than the store had iPhones (one spokesperson told me the location probably had about 100 devices vs. 300 people!) So I wasn't surprised to see the long tail-end of the line having disappeared by the time I left at about 9 a.m.

I left the store with one question on my mind: what happened to all those angry people that spoke out with detailed comments online about how they'd never buy one, they'd cancel their contract, and how they were going to buy an iPhone, but not anymore. Judging from the line in Toronto (and reported lines elsewhere in Canada), it looks like the dedicated Apple fans outnumber the naysayers. One customer I spoke with even revealed that he bought the device simply because he is an Apple fan, and owns all their products.

If Apple can calm even the wrath of angry Canadian cell phone customers (and believe you me, they are angry!), there's no telling what else the company can do!

See video footage from the launch event on our sister Website.

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Anonymous said...

Canadians have a voracious appetite for electronics, and typically adopt a lot sooner than other countries.
Having said that....we all know that those of us who really wanted the iphone when it came out found a way to make it happen.
So very good for those who braved the elements this morning and got their precious iphone, hopefully it was worth the wait, although without a better data plan people will soon learn the cost of overages!

Anonymous said...

Christine, turns out the iPod isn't really here. Rumours turned out to be true only a limited quantity was available to individual stores.
Sour Apple