Monday, July 14, 2008

What Will They Think of Next?: Speakers for Your Stroller

While the Stroll-a-Tune sounds a bit odd to me, perhaps it's something that parents of young babies will appreciate. The gadget consists of a bracket that mounts to the handle of a stroller and a tiny stereo speaker system that can connect to an iPod, satellite radio, AM/FM radio, or many other portable audio players (virtually anything with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack). Then, just listen to tunes while you literally stroll down the street; or keep your baby entertained or lullabyed!

It can mount to any round stroller handle between 0.85" and 1.25" in diameter, while foam inserts help keep it from slipping. Powered by three AAA batteries, the speakers are 5.75" wide by 2.75" high (3" wide when folded), and weigh just 2.6-0unces without batteries.

The same company offers a similar clip-on speaker accessory for cyclists. Called the iRIDE, it works in much the same manner, except that it mounts to a bike handle rather than a stroller handle. Really, however, the iRIDE can fit any handle-like device that measures 21.8-32mm. Both models are easily detachable to move from one bar to another, or safely tuck away when not in use.

"Tune into your favourite music without tuning out the world around you," advises the company.

That sounds great; but who says that the world around you wants to be tuned into your tunes while you walk with your baby down the street? I guess as long as parents keep volume levels at a relatively low point, the latest lullabye or pop hit from Fergie is much better than a baby crying! As for cyclists, it's hard to imagine that songs will be at all audible as you peddle away and the wind blows in your face. But hey, at least you can one-up even the buddy with the super high-end bike; I'll bet his doesn't have speakers!

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