Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Bold is the BlackBerry?

While I'm not actually a smartphone owner myself (I know, it's hard to believe, isn't it?) I do find myself somewhat excited about the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Bold. As the latest incarnation in the BlackBerry family, this model looks sleeker, sexier, and has some exciting new features that might not rival the iPhone, per se, but it will pique current BlackBerry users' interests.

For one, it will have integrated WiFi, which is an important features for Canadians. Why? We arguably spend more on data than most other countries do, so to be able to log on to a WiFi network whenever one is nearby and surf without using cellular minutes is a huge advantage. Even in a paid WiFi network, like a coffee shop or certain airports, you might find the pricing to be more affordable.

A nicer, crisper screen, and a revamped interface are two other potentially new features. One advantage that the new breed of touch-screen devices has over the BlackBerry is the fact that the screens are larger, and therefore much easier to use when navigating Web pages or documents. While the screen might not be bigger, better resolution could make a world of difference for some.

This new device launch comes at an opportune time for BlackBerry: just as there are loyal Apple/iPhone followers, so, too are there loyal BlackBerry users waiting for the latest and greatest. The latter group just isn't as vocal! Can the Bold meet their expectations as a valid step-up from the currently available Curve and Pearl? Time will tell.

One thing's for sure: if you're an avid business user that's constantly on-the-go, and who sends tons of e-mails and text-based messages to colleagues, the BlackBerry is likely still your number-one choice. But when it comes to cool, intuitive web browsing, and fun apps, the iPhone may just have RIM beat. Now if only we could combine the best of both worlds...

Stay tuned for more information tomorrow once I've had a closer look at the Bold.

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Marcel said...

Just got mine and very happy with its performance. I think BlackbBerry owners whom chose to upgrade to the Bold will be pleasantly surprised.