Monday, August 25, 2008

Microsoft Pits Seinfeld Against "Cool" Mac Guy

Microsoft has reportedly hired Jerry Seinfeld to be featured in the company's new ad campaign, and the partnership has been getting a flurry of attention from the media.

We've all seen the humorous "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" Apple commercials that pit "cool, hip guy" actor Justin Long against uber-geek actor John Kellogg Hodgman. While Long portrays the calm, creative computing experience, Hodgman always looks uptight, upset, and jealous of the Mac brand. Will Microsoft create a similar ad campaign that replaces corporate geek with funnyman Seinfeld? When you think about it, the choice couldn't have been better. While Seinfeld is a stand-up comic, he is best-known for his role on the widely popular sitcom of the same name. His character's claim to fame? Being completely "plain", unfashionable, and not extremely good-looking, yet being able to snag the hottest girls, and plenty of them, at that. Cross this over to Microsoft Windows, and you instantly see the similarities: a brand with a reputation for being not as attractive as Mac, so to speak, yet somehow, it manages to get most of the customers out there. And more keep on coming.

I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to this campaign, and what Seinfeld will bring to the table. Will he mock Mac with some funny banter against another character? Or will he make light of unfortunate issues that Microsoft has had to deal with as of late (namely with Vista). Because Seinfeld is such a universally popular TV program, it would be neat to see ads that incorporate popular sayings, quotes, or characters from the show itself. And with a reported $10M paycheck from the campaign, Seinfeld should be up for anything...well, perhaps just not the "puffy shirt" or man hands!

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Anonymous said...

Jerry Seinfeld is a perfect match for the Microsoft Vista operating system, from a TV show about absolutely nothing to VISTA an absolutely nothing operating system!

Anonymous said...

Ironically, on the TV show the computer often shown in the background on Jerry's table is a Mac.
Oh Yeah!

Windows Lad' said...

"Ironically, on the TV show the computer often shown in the background on Jerry's table is a Mac.
Oh Yeah!

Thats not his actual house thats the producers setup not his. Oh Yeah!... Windows Vista rules!

Too bad mac OS is so uncompatible with EVERYTHING its worst than windows 95!!!

DecaturHeel said...

Now, if only Vandelay Industries would hire Jerry to promote their latex products...THAT partnership would rock! "And you want to buy MY latex products."

HS said...

Mac World put it best. Hiring Seinfeld to promote Vista is like rearranging the tables and chairs on the Titanic as is sinks

HS said...
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jronnblom said...

And here is a link to the new commercial:

I cant understand what they where thinking when the wrote it...