Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is This Not The Age Of Information?

By: Lee Distad

I don’t think you can argue that today our entertainment media has to cope with our need for instant gratification. No one I know watches TV shows when they air, they either watch them on their PVR at their convenience, or download them to a device, or watch them online. If you’ve got an itch for celebrity gossip, you head straight to the Internet, and you’ve got the dirt you crave in moments. That applies to pretty much anything these days: when I wanted to know when the new Fall shows started, I didn’t wait for a trailer during commercials to tell me (come on, who watches commercials?), I went to the Wikipedia entries for my shows.

My point, and I did have one, is that after having CTV and CBS move the cop drama Flashpoint around a few times, the mid-season Sunday night slot has been Law and Order reruns for the past couple of weeks, while still being tagged as Flashpoint in the Guide. Curious about the fate of a great new show, I surfed around and a cursory check came up empty. According to Wikipedia, CBS and CTV both bought season two, but no word on when the final four episodes of season one will air. CTV’s website is silent since last month on the subject. On the CBS website, I can watch every episode aired to date, but no word on the show’s future.

After about five minutes, I decided that it’s just a TV show, and I’m not going to spend the rest of my day tracking down the factoid I want. Still, I find it surprising when there must be answer, but the PR flacks at the networks haven’t already put it out there. Today, online news and feedback provides a level of intimacy between content providers and consumers that’s two way and instantaneous. That’s a plus for everybody. If I’m lucky, someone from CBS or CTV will pipe up and clue me in.

Photo Credit: © 2008 CBS Interactive.
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