Friday, October 31, 2008

What Will They Think of Next?: Solid Gold USB Drive

What do you do when the economy is in the dumps? You spend money frivolously on things that you don't need. OK, so a USB flash drive is certainly a useful accessory to have. But would you spend $600 on one?

A company called Super Talent Technology has introduced a limited-edition 18-Carat, solid gold USB drive called the Pico-C that it deems the "ultimate executive gift". Sure, it has neat features like a water-resistant design, ample 8 GB capacity, encryption software, and support for 200x (30 MB/sec.) transfer speeds. But is the use of gold really worth the extra, oh, $550 you're spending on the gadget? Oh wait: it also comes with a serialized Certificate of Authenticity and black velvet jewelry box; and you can have your name/logo laser-etched onto the device at no additional charge. Now that changes everything! (Insert sarcasm here).

I apologize to those who think this is the coolest thing ever, but I just don't get it. Perhaps there will be plenty of gift-wrapped holiday USB drives under the trees of IT geeks everywhere. But I can't imagine any gal (or guy, for that matter!) opening up a box with a gold USB drive and declaring in awe to their loved one or boss: "oh my, you shouldn't have!"
Nevertheless, if you think you know someone who would like one, they're available by pre-order for a limited time, and require 3-4 weeks lead time.

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1 comment:

Gintare said...

omg are you serious. that is just just just i don't even know what to say O.o . well i wonder who came up with the idea, and who agreed to it XD