Thursday, May 3, 2007

Things You Never Thought You'd Need Nor Want...

Have you ever seen something advertised somewhere, or on a shelf in your local retailer, and wondered who the heck would use this? or where on earth would this be useful? I know I have (anyone remember the Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!)

Sometimes we have this feeling when unusual products arrive to our office, or we receive a press release about some sort of odd, what-will-they-think-of-next-like gadget. The reality is, you never know what customers will pick up on; and as I've found, you never really know how useful a certain gadget can be until you find yourself in a situation where you think man, I really wish I had that [insert product here] with me right now!

I'll give you one example. Years ago, I received a tiny doo-hickey that could attach to the bottom of my cell phone, and provide temporary back-up power to it. So apparently a 12V adapter wouldn't be enough for on-the-go use? Low and behold, one day I didn't have it on me, and my car broke down...on the on-ramp to a major series highway! Of course as luck would have it, my cell phone had just enough juice to turn on, and fade away, despite how hard I pushed the power button, or how much I pleaded with it to remain on long enough for one phone call. I was saved shortly after by a tow truck driver, but I guarantee you that little doo-hickey was the first thing I thought of when I pulled out my cell and stared blankly at the, well, blank screen!

Another example. I'm not an outdoorsy person at all, but I have braved the great outdoors once before. While huddled in an oversized tent, shielding ourselves from a downpour of rain, we got to talking about a really funny comedian. My friend had a 20-minute audio clip of his latest bit saved on his iPod, but of course without speakers, two of us were left listening to deafening laughter while the other two shared a pair of earbuds to catch the show. Swirling in my mind were thoughts of all those portable, battery powered speaker systems that I'd seen, but thought I'd never want.

Needless to say, when I receive announcements about unique product, like Nokia's new mini speakers for portable devices and music phones; the funky Lifepop speaker bags; and a new line of tents from Johnson Outdoors that include factory-installed 12V outlets, I think twice before I shrug them off as something I wouldn't be interested in. You might not always need it, but you sure may want it!


Anonymous said...

From reading your blog I wonder if your car might have broke down simply because it ws upset you been paying more attention to your blackberry than to the steering wheel. OK jokes aside your blogs are a lot of fun and I enjoy reading them. When I heard of the speaker bag I started laughing but I must admit from the picture it looks very cool.Do you know the price of it ?

Marketnews - Christine Persaud said...

Hi Anonymous

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was awaiting confirmation on this. I believe they run from about $50; but there are a number of sizes and models available. Keep an eye out for them!

Thank you.