Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone “nano” Rumours Shut Down

On Tuesday, I reported JPMorgan predictions that Apple had a smaller, lower-priced iPhone already in the works, modeled after the popular iPod nano player. It turns out that this information was based on a report issued by one JPMorgan analyst, Kevin Chang, and was shortly thereafter refuted by another analyst from the same firm, who questioned Chang’s sources.

According to Reuters’ latest report, a U.S. spokesperson for JPMorgan sided with the second analyst, Bill Shope, on the debate. Shope admitted that a cheaper iPhone would undoubtedly reach the market at some point in time, but launching one so soon after the inaugural model would be “unusual and highly risky”.

Shope's report described a second-generation iPhone (which has not been confirmed by anyone at Apple) as likely being the complete opposite of what Change predicted: a higher-end version, with higher speed connections. Apple’s iPhone currently operates on AT&T’s 2.5G network rather than the faster 3G standard.

It’s amazing that a product that doesn’t even exist has already caused so much controversy and debate. Way to go, Apple, on always being able to spark up so much interest and debate about your products...even before their mere existence has been confirmed!

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