Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is a Second-Gen iPhone Already in the Works?

Rumour has it that Apple may already be working on its second-generation iPhone. JP Morgan predicts that the next iPhone will be slimmer and, most important, cheaper: pretty much a “nano” version of the smartphone that has captured the U.S. nation by storm (and has had Canadians salivating in anticipation).

The firm’s source for this information, according to Reuters, is a patent application Apple recently filed. The description was for a multifunctional handheld device equipped with a circular touch pad control.

Would a slimmer, smaller iPhone have the same appeal as the sleek and stylish just-released unit? After all, one of the iPhone’s most significant advantages over other “smartphones” is the oversized, touch-screen display that permits easier scrolling through things like web pages, e-mails, and music collections. A nano-like iPhone would have to forego many of the features and benefits of its larger sister due to size restrictions; but on the flip side, it would appeal to a whole new market that wants more affordability. Right now, the iPhone will cost U.S. customers a pretty penny at a hefty $500 for the 4 GB version and $600 for the 8 GB. Either way, if the iPod is any indication, there’s little doubt that a smaller version would be received just as well as the first-generation iPhone.

Of course Apple isn’t talking, so this rumour is still just that: a rumour. Nevertheless, iPhone Nano does have a nice ring to it…

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Lee_D said...

At the moment, reports indicate that the 2nd Gen iPod were just rumor and speculation:


That said, it is only a matter of time before we see a new and improved unit.