Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tech Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11, and my inbox has been flooded with mom-themed pitches of all kinds. You'd be surprised at how many technology-related items could put a smile on mom's face, whether she's your own mother, your wife, sister, family member, or friend. Here are some gift ideas, and suggestions on how to make them mom-friendly:

Digital photo frames: To make a gift like this more personal (and easier) for the mom on your list, buy a memory card with the frame and load it up with photos that she'll love. This way, the frame is ready to go and show off to all of her guests. This also leaves room for gift ideas going forward: imagine giving her a new memory card loaded with recent pix at every occasion (with another gift, of course!) A 64 MB card costs peanuts these days, and you can fill that up with tons of images to be displayed electronically through a digital frame. If she has her own digital camera, she'll also appreciate being able to display her own photos quickly and easily.

Portable photo printer: If the mom on your list owns a digital camera and knows how to download photos from it, a portable photo printer would make a great idea. Imagine being able to take photos at a family event, then print out copies right on the spot to give away to guests. Kids get loot bags, so why shouldn't adults get them, too? There are plenty of these on the market from manufacturers like Epson, HP, and Sony.

Universal Remote Control: A universal remote control is a convenience that anyone can appreciate. Although dad might like this gift more than mom, it's a neat idea to help simplify her day when she wants to watch TV, movies, or just listen to music while doing chores around the house. One of my favourites is the Harmony One, but even as easy as this remote is to program, no one wants a gift that requires work. Program it for her, and have it ready to go immediately out of the box, and she'll love you for it.

Nintendo Wii: Lots of moms are looking to get fit, and a Nintendo Wii gaming console can help make this arduous task more fun. Out of the box, the unit comes with the Wii Sports game that can occupy you for hours on end. It includes activities like bowling, tennis, golf, and baseball, as well as a fitness "test" that tells you your "Wii age", giving some great motivation to improve. With the upcoming launch of the Wii Fit game, this console is an even more attractive for mom. Keep in mind, however, that if the mom on your mind has young kids, they'll likely benefit from this gift just as much as she will!

PVR/DVD Recorder: Let's face it: every mom on the planet is busy, whether she works full-time, part-time, or as a stay-at-home mom. Given this, it's often tough to catch all of her favourite shows on TV. I've had a PVR for years, and don't know how I ever lived without it! Using one of these devices, whether from a cable/satellite provider, or third-party company like TiVo, moms can record all of her shows, then catch up on them when she has the time.

Portable GPS Unit: These litte gadgets are hot, hot, hot these days, and the latest models employ neat features like traffic updates, text-to-speech that dictates actual street names, and Bluetooth so they can be paired with your phone and used as an in-car speakerphone device. They're also pretty affordable, and would be a welcome addition to anyone that drives to city streets.

Vehicle Security/Remote Starter: Moms can always use extra security for the car, and a remote starter is always appreciated, especially during the cold winter months. Viper has a limited edition model that comes in pink: yes, to appeal to women, but also because proceeds from the sale of each one will go toward breast cancer research. Any mom will appreciate a useful device, especially if she knows that part of what you paid for it will go toward a worthwhile cause.

Movies that Mom Will Like: Plenty of mom-friendly movies have just been released on DVD, including 27 Dresses and P.S. I Love You. If mom likes movies, scan the new releases for ones she might like.

If you have your own ideas, please leave them in the comments section here. I'm sure there are plenty of shoppers out there looking for the perfect gift for mom, and will appreciate the suggestions!

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