Monday, May 26, 2008

What Will They Think Of Next?: Your BlackBerry Becomes a Universal Remote

A Canadian company has created a software application that will supposedly be able to turn your BlackBerry into a universal remote control, operating all of the IR-enabled devices in your home theatre. That is pretty darned cool!

Called Unify4Life, the application downloads to a compatible BlackBerry, while the server plugs into a central location in the home. It will work with most popular brands and models of equipment, and each device is programmed into the system online. Unify4Life hopes to add home devices like a thermostat, lighting, and intercom systems to its control roster in the future.

Imagine leaving the office, and making a call home from your BlackBerry to say you're on your way. Then send a few e-mails while you're waiting at a red light. Come home, take off your coat, and search the 'net from the handheld for some good take-out for the family. Order it using, yes, your BlackBerry. Then plop in the couch, point the smartphone to the TV, and anger your husband/wife by switching channels even though the other person actually has the remote. Not only that, but also turn on the cable set-top box, search the guide, and even power up the stereo system. It's amazing that smartphones can perform all of the typical functions they do, but to add home control to that list is even more mind baffling.

Scheduled for availability this October, Unify4Life will sell for about $100. With so many third-party apps becoming available for the BlackBerry (and other smartphones, for that matter), someone better start looking into creating super-charged, extra long-life batteries. We'll be needing them very soon in order to fully enjoy everything these devices can do!


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Maybe a key to your car ;-)