Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Will They Think of Next?: Convert Apple Earbuds into Headphones

While I'm not an Apple iPod owner, and I would advise anyone who has one (or any MP3 player, for that matter) to invest in a better set of headphones than what comes in the box, I can't help but recognize the cleverness of this product. Called BudFits, it turns the cheesy, white earbuds you get with your iPod into over-the-ear headphones that fit more securely, and won't annoying fall out of your ears.

If you have ever purchased or own a Bluetooth headset, you probably noticed that most come with a variety of different sized ear hooks that you can loop through a hole on the headset to wear it comfortably around your ear. Essentially, this is what EarBuds are: flexible, rubber hooks that you loop through each Apple earbud, to then secure them around your ears.

The company claims that, in upgrading to new 'phones, you "lose the coveted Apple image associated with Apple earbuds." Indeed, seeing those signature white cords hanging from someone's ears and into their jacket or backpack certainly cries "iPod". But I think at this point, the prestige has more to do with which iPod you have and what you have on it; not just the fact that you have one (who doesn't, these days, present company excluded, of course). Bottom line: the iPod earbuds might say "iPod, but they don't exactly scream "quality listening experience".

With that said, invest in a pair of new headphones, for goodness sakes. But if you want an affordable alternative to use at the beach or any other spot where you don't want to get your expensive 'phones diry or fear losing then, the BudFits are a neat stocking-stuffer idea for just US$9 per pair.

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