Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Will They Think of Next?: Deal-Stalking Site

With people searching frantically for deals before they fork over dough to shop, it comes as no surprise that some are attempting to capitalize on the trend. A new Website called "stalks" the Website for deals 24/7, then posts them, with the best ones ranked at the top. The site, set up by a company in Winnipeg, MB, collects info on any Amazon product that's reduced by 20% or less.

"Shopping on Amazon is really like a cyber jungle with huge discounts hidden all over the site," explains Web developer Evan Falk. "With the economic downtown, my colleagues and I created this free alert so consumers, including ourselves, could find the best bargains fast."

These guys could certainly be on to something. The site is accessible for free, does not contain any spam or ads, and is not affiliated with in any way. But should it take off as a "Google for deals" of sorts, these guys might be in for a treat.

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