Monday, December 22, 2008

Gearing up for CES...and the Adult Expo?

It's not even Christmas, yet everyone in this industry is already gearing up for the 2009 International CES in Las Vegas. You're weeding through hundreds of e-mail product pitches and meeting requests. Setting up booth tours and plotting out a daily plan that allows you to cover as much ground as possible, and meet as many clients (and potential clients) as a day and evening will permit. Are you attending, and have you created a schedule yet?

Judging from e-mails requesting that I come see a nifty new gadget, or advising that on-site interviews can be set up with key manufacturer executives, it's clear that there will be plenty to see at the show. The most puzzling e-mail request I received, however, originated from an exhibitor at the Adult Expo, which runs concurrent to CES, inviting me to register, and visit their booth at that show. Two things initially crossed my mind. First: where do they see a tie-in between my industry and theirs? And second: how on earth did this person gain access to my e-mail address since the two expos have nothing to do with one another other than sharing the same city as their venue?

The person was pitching an iPhone application that optimizes adult films for viewing on the portable device's screen. Ahhh, now I get it. There is a clear tie in. Still: would traditional CE journalists cover this?

In many ways, when you think about it, the adult industry is a huge part of the consumer electronics industry. A few years ago, people were even predicting that X-rated films could very well be the deciding factor between which format won the high-definition DVD war - Blu-ray or HD DVD. In fact, this particular firm claims to have been filming in HD for the past 5 years! There are lucrative opportunities there, that's for certain. But you're walking a fine line if you consider covering this side.

With that said, while the Adult Expo won't be on my radar during CES (as if we don't have enough ground to cover already!), it'll be interesting to see how that area of business could eventually become further entwined with CE; especially with HDTVs, the Internet, and downloadable content making waves as the way of the future for content of pretty much every kind. Yes, including the adult kind.

As for CES, many still wonder whether attendance at the show will be down. It probably will be, but I doubt to very noticeable proportions. Exhibitors will have booked their booth space a year in advance, which means there will be just as much product on the show floor. From an attendee perspective, we'll most definitely see fewer feet roaming the aisles. But it will still be a packed show floor. And if some of those people decide to take the Adult Expo up on their offer and mosy on over to those exhibits at the Sands Convention Centre, so be it. But rest assured that the only scantily clad "booth babes" you'll see in the mainstream media will be holding a gadget of some sort, or standing nearby a line of flat-panel TVs.

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JET said...

Actually Christine, I already registered for you. Your Adult Expo Badge is on your desk!!!!